AI Crypto Just Had the Third Meet-up — [Blockchain 3.0] Business Revolution

AI Crypto team just had the third Meet-up, [Blockchain 3.0] Business Revolution! The event was held on 30th of March, 2018, at The Plaza Hotel, Seoul.

[Blockchain 3.0] Business Revolution

  • Date : March 30th, 2018 (Friday) 14:00
  • Place : 119, Sogong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, The Plaza Hotel, Grand Ball Room

Various experts from different fields attended this event as speakers, including our two advisors, Changki Park and Hankyul Park. And of course, our CEO Sungjae Lee, spoke about our project in front of the audience. The main theme of the conference was innovative business models related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The conference was a huge success with a big audience, which we are very grateful about.

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Introducing Changki Park and Hankyul Park, AI Crypto’s Advisors

Hello everyone! Today’s post is about our two advisors. Changki Park, the founder and chairman at GovernTech, and Han Kyul Park, a renowned blockchain entrepreneur in Korea.

Introducing Changki Park

Changki Park founded Paxnet in 1999 and has been active in the field of finance and networking business ever since. And after blockchain and cryptocurrencies became a huge boom not only in Korea but also worldwide, he was the first one in Korea to take part in the industry. He also founded BlockchainOS, where invented the very first cryptocurrency in Korea, BOScoin. He is also the founder of Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association. He is now actively taking part in the Korean blockchain industry, trying to lead the blockchain revolution in Korea.

Introducing Hankyul Park

Hankyul Park is trying to build decentralized technologies in Korea. He acted as an advisor in LaLa World project, and he was also the COO of BOScoin. Prior to these activities, he was a developer in Finger Inc., developing online personal loans credit scoring system.

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AI Crypto Second Meet-up — Global ICO@Seoul 2018, Spring

Hello, everyone! Today we have a really great news.

Our AI Crypto Team just had the second meet-up today on 23rd of March, 2018.

Global ICO@Seoul 2018, Spring

  • Date: March 23rd, 2018 (Friday) 13:00
  • Place: 180, Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, MARU 180 Event Hall

The main topic of ‘Global ICO@Seoul 2018, Spring’ is distributed token business models, and business examples in the field of Fintech, AI, marketing, real estate, game, and streaming industry were introduced. The CEO of AI Crypto, SJ, participated as a speaker and talked about the ecosystem of AI Crypto. He had a great time answering questions and connecting with the audience.

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AI Crypto Whitepaper Now Available on Our Website

AI Crypto whitepaper is now all done and it’s waiting for to be read on our website. The AI Crypto team has worked very hard on it and we are proud to finally share the result with the world.

About the whitepaper

The whitepaper contains reasons why the AI Crypto team developed AI Crypto, along with the problems with current cryptocurrencies, and other technical details about the platform. As the whitepaper goes on, it also covers things such as the team’s vision, plans for the future and expected usage of AI Crypto.

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Articles About AI Crypto Now Live Online

With the last few events going down recently, articles about AI Crypto is slowly getting released online. There are two articles at the moment, one on CCN and one on CryptoCoin.News. And we believe there are more coming soon.

Both articles are about the launching of AI Crypto and what we are currently developing.

Brief summary of the article

AI Crypto, a brand-new startup in Korea is developing an AI ecosystem based on blockchain. AI Crypto is trying to adapt blockchain technology to the field of AI research to solve problems regarding AI development, such as pointless use of GPU resources and machine learning research data oligopoly by big corporations. The team plans to do so by rewarding AI data providers with AI Crypto tokens. AI Crypto team is also developing a new consensus mechanism called Proof of Value (PoV), so that they can verify transactions through AI machine learning calculations. The ultimate goal of AI Crypto is to reduce the cost and effort required when developing AI models.

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