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How to pay bitcoin via webmoney?

How to pay bitcoin via webmoney?

Can I send bitcoin from WebMoney?

All buyers, even non-members of the WebMoney system can now pay with Bitcoin (BTC) for products and services sold by WebMoney authorised shops. Bitcoin payments will be received onto the seller`s account in WMX – the type of WebMoney Transfer title units.

What is WebMoney WMX?

WMX is a WebMoney Transfer title unit that is a 0,001 BTC equivalent. WMX is an accounting unit for property rights to publish entries in the global public database of the bitcoin.org network, transferred by members of the System to the Guarantor. WMX are kept track of in purses of X type.

How do I withdraw WMX?

Log into your account and click “Withdraw Funds” Find WebMoney among the available withdrawal options. Choose the amount of withdrawal and enter the e-wallet number into the field. You can choose an WME or WMZ wallet (in EUR or USD)

How do I pay with WebMoney?

1.1 On a site accepting WebMoney as a payment, select a required purchase (goods or services). Fill in all the fields in the order form and select WebMoney as your payment method. To finish this, click on the order confirmation button (these buttons might read “Pay”, “Confirm Order”, “Next”, and so on).

How do I send money through WebMoney?

Go to the “Contacts”menu item – select a correspondent – click “Transfer” button. Specify the money transfer amount and a comment. If there are other transaction confirmation methods activated for your WMID, confirm the money transfer operation via SMS or E-num.

Is WebMoney legal?

The ministry described WebMoney as an “illegal system” that was suspected of being used for money laundering and tax evasion, and the central bank said that WebMoney did not have a licence to operate in Ukraine.

What countries use WebMoney?

Of total WebMoney transactions Russia 76%) and Ukraine (17%) take the majority. Other relevant countries are the CIS Countries (Members: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan; Participating: Turkmenistan, Ukraine).

Can I trust WebMoney?

It’s scam website don’t use it at all.

How do I transfer money from WebMoney to bank account?

Go to the Bank transfers service website and login with your WMID.

  1. Enter “Transfer funds” tab, then select “recipient’s Country”, specify the amount, transfer currency and click ” Start”
  2. Minimum withdrawal amount 100.00 WMZ. …
  3. The WMZ-Certificates Sale Agreement will be displayed next.

Do you need ID for WebMoney?

(1) Provide a government-issued document containing photographic evidence of identity from the following list: – a valid unexpired passport; – a valid unexpired national or other government-issued identity card. Scanned copies or photocopies of the required documents should be uploaded to the WebMoney Passport website.

Does WebMoney work in MasterCard?

The WebMoneyCard can be used both online and at physical merchants that accept WebMoney or MasterCard payment cards. With the WebMoneyCard, cardholders can make payments at approximately 38.1 million MasterCard acceptance locations[1] in more than 210 countries worldwide.

Can I withdraw money from WebMoney?

Click WebMoney in the Withdrawal section of your Personal Area. Select the trading account you would like to withdraw funds from, choose your withdrawal currency, enter your WebMoney account number, and specify the withdrawal amount in your trading account currency.

Can I transfer WebMoney to Skrill?

It is quite possible that no automatic exchange WebMoney WMZ to Skrill USD is available at the moment and your exchange will be processed manually.

How long does it take to withdraw from WebMoney?

How long will it take for the funds I withdrew through WebMoney/Skrill to be posted to my account? Requests for withdrawals using an electronic payment system should be processed within one business day of the time the request was submitted.

What is wallet number in WebMoney?

The identifier of user (WMID) is a unique 12-Digit number, which is the address of a member within the WebMoney system. For example, WMID 464889785562 is the identifier of the WebMoney Passport Service.

Is WebMoney easy to use?

WebMoney can be your best buddy to smoothly perform all of your online transactions because it offers excellent security and comfort to pay and receive online payments. So in our opinion, you must go for WebMoney because you can easily create your account and do online transactions without having trouble.

Can you transfer money from WebMoney to Visa card?

WebMoney participants (except for participants from Russia and Russian cards) can withdraw funds from their WMZ/WME-purses to a MasterCard linked to their purse via the Account Linking Service. To link a card, the user should hold a WebMoney Formal Passport with verified personal details.

Does WebMoney have a debit card?

WebMoney Service: Debit Cards WebMoney.Cards

This service allows ordering the release of a new credit card connected to a WM-purse.

What is WMZ in WebMoney?

WMZ is a WebMoney Transfer title unit that is a US dollar equivalent. WMZ are kept track of in purses of Z type. The WMZ Underwriter is. Amstar Holdings Limited. WMZ turnover is governed by the Terms of Use of WMZ Certificate.

What is WebMoney passport?

WM-passport is a digital identity document certified by handwritten signature analogue of the WebMoney Transfer members. The passport stores personal data of the holder: full name, passport details and contact information. Passport shows how seriously the WMID-owner relates to the use of the System.

Can I use WebMoney without passport?

Each WebMoney Transfer system member must have a WM Passport. A WebMoney Transfer member may obtain a WM passport of any of the following types: An alias passport is issued free of charge to every WebMoney Transfer member automatically upon registration in the system (after receiving your WMID).

How do I verify my WebMoney?

Verifying the postal address on the Verification centre website.

  1. 1 Log in at the Verification Centre using your WMID. …
  2. 2 You will be offered to verify your postal address. …
  3. 3 A paper letter with a verification code consisting of numbers and latin letters will be sent to you using the WebMoney Letters service.

How do I get a WebMoney merchant?

To receive a Merchant Passport you simply need to register the website where you will be accepting WebMoney in the Megastock catalogue. A merchant passport is a form of personal passport and has all of the features of such passports without any restrictions.