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How can you protect yourself from a scam?

How can you protect yourself from a scam?

The best way to protect yourself from a scam is to continuously inquire and educate yourself. Recently, the scams are frequent, in which unknown people introduce themselves as “brokers” who persuade people to invest in cryptocurrencies by offering them a quick way of earning money.

In reality, such people want to take your personal data and money for their own benefit. Likewise, many websites which are associated with so-called investments, although they seem credible at first glance, are actually means through which the scammers would like to get your personal data and money.
If you are beginner with trading cryptocurrencies, the first thing you need to do is good research about which platforms are safe and licensed for trading cryptocurrencies.
Regularly follow the warnings which are published by HANFA, do not share your data over the phone or websites, especially if the particular opposite persons seem suspicious to you.

Read through our blog for additional information about potential scams as well as how to protect yourself from them.