AI Crypto Monthly Report. Dec.

AI Crypto is a platform to distribute resources needed for artificial intelligence in blockchain networks. We finished ICO at the end of September 2018 and are developing with more people. Currently, we are conducting a POC for AI Deep Learning and Ai Mining functions that were introduced on the website with related companies. Please check the attached file for more information and development of the roadmap.

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Business Report_Dec.2018(Eng)

AI Crypto Monthly Report. Nov.

AI Crypto is a platform that distributes resources needed for artificial intelligence development on a blockchain network. We have completed the ICO at the end of September and have added more engineer for development.

To ensure affordable use of high-performance GPUs that correspond to computer performance among current development resources, we developed AI Mining, a multi-mining technology that uses GPU for AI Deep Learning, and released Dapp on our website. Recognized for our technology, we’ve formed MOUs with mining pools like  AEMI, and we’ve secured a number of our clients, including Shinhan DS. Neorama Co., Ltd., Reality Lab C., Ltd,. We are currently working on a POC with related companies to validate the technology. Please check the attached file for more information and the status of development by the roadmap.

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Monthly Report. Nov. Eng

AI CRYPTO, listed on IDAX with Event Promotion

AI Crypto (AIC) is a team of AI experts and is currently developing a blockchain-based AI platform where anyone can devote to developing artificial intelligence.

AI CRYPTO opened DApp (Decentralized Application) for AI development for the first time to the world in October 2018, and is currently ongoing POC (Proof of Concept) with related large companies. After verifying new technologies with the large companies, the team is planning to provide commercial services in first half of next year.

AI CRTYPTO has developed a technology that can be used for artificial intelligence development by connecting large numbers of high-performance GPUs that Mining Pools possess.

Currently, the cost of using GPUs for Deep Learning is very high, while Mining Pool, which uses the same GPU, is very low. To add, the gap between the two prices is more than 50 times.

The model presented by AIC is supplying GPUs that does quicker and cheaper deep learning with better performance, while Miners receive higher revenue.

In recognition of its notable technology, AIC has partnered with Shinhan Data System and secured more than 20 companies related with AI, VR, and FinTech as its customers. The GPU service market is expected to grow to $2 billion in 2018 and $7 billion in 2023.

Meanwhile, AIC, a project involving more than 100,000 members and investors worldwide, will be listed on IDAX for the second time on 9th November, 2018 following BitForex last month.

There will be an event for celebrating listing on IDAX. If a user register on IDAX within the period (11th Nov – 25th Nov), 3,000AIC will be rewarded when the real name is certified. It will also hold an event to distribute a total of 5 million AICs to the top holders who purchase AICs from IDAX within the period.



Completed Incineration of AIC non-sale amount

The incineration of the AIC has been completed.

AI Crypto raised about 6,000 ETH through ICO and about 2.1 billion AIC out of 10 billion AICs was incinerated, resulting in a total distribution of about 7.7 billion AICs. About 800 million AIC out of total distribution were distributed to investors. Approximately 80 million AIC are Bounty/Airdrops, which have a total of 6 months of lock-up. (1st ICO bonus/bounty/airdrop: 50% off 2018-10-31; remaining 50% off 2019-01; 50% off ICO bonus/bounty/airdrop:

AI Crypto team has applied a total of two years of rock-up to the team’s volume to take responsibility for the project and proceed with further development and operation.  AI Crypto has introduced Dapp, the world’s first GPU distributed processing technology, on its website a technology that enables the mining pool to use its high-performance hardware for artificial intelligence development and rendering. We plan to stabilize our services through validation by the end of this year, and we are developing a platform in which AI resources will be distributed by the end of 2019 by adding features according to the roadmap.

We were able to come here because you agreed to the fair distribution of artificial intelligence resources and supported the project. We will strive to develop and operate AI Crypto until it becomes a major platform for the AI industry. Thank you.

The incineration details can be checked on Etherscan.


AI Crypto Introduces World’s First AI Dapp

As many media have covered, AI Crypto has released its own technology, Dapp. Following the roadmap, the MVP, scheduled for July 2018, was released in the form of a source code on the flag, and in October Dapp was released. Later this year, we will add capabilities for training artificial intelligence and data distribution developed through AI Deep Learning, and we will apply existing APIs such as PoV and Tensorflow to evaluate the value of resources provided in the first quarter of next year. In the second quarter of next year, the ability to distribute AI resources provided by participants will be added for verification.

The technology released this time is a service that can actually identify the technology that corresponds to distributed GPU usage among development resources. Until now, Mining Pool’s high-performance GPUs have been used only for the mining of crypto currencies. AI Crypto came up with the idea of ‘What if the computing resources of mining pools are used to develop artificial intelligence?’ The new AI Deep Learning enables developers who need a high-performance GPU to use high-performance computing resources within the AI Crypto network at a reasonable price. The following is a technical overview of the Dapp released.


Miners in Mining Pool are mining and deep learning is developers. When developers of the AIC network request to use deep learning, the GPUs in the mining pool are switched from mining to deep learning. Developers log in to the network with their linked cryptographic wallet to pay for the use of the GPU in the Mining Pool in AIC.

The description of the business model and outlook for which the technology is applied can be viewed through official video.