Who Can Use the AI Crypto Ecosystem?

AI Crypto has successfully conducted its first and second Pre-Sale events and is now ready to release its AIC tokens during a public sale. The project is moving according to our roadmap, and the community is growing fast.

Now that everything is going smoothly, let’s do an exercise in imagination and see who will utilize the decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure that relies on blockchain and how it benefits immediate users as well as everyone else.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that AI Crypto wants to set an ecosystem in which all the resources are distributed in the rightful way, especially with the help of its ‘Proof of Value’ consensus mechanism. The network will operate with the following key resources:

– GPU — the community will provide GPU power in exchange for AIC Coins, thus ensuring the developers and researchers have the essential components for building their projects.

– Data — the AI Crypto will continually maintain a data network that will be fueled by the community.

– Model — another significant component refers to machine-learning models that are used to guarantee the convenient use and low-cost of the system.

That being said, the AI Crypto users are AI developers and small startups that want to leverage AI resources at affordable prices and fair conditions. Thanks to AI Crypto, they don’t have to hire expensive resources from giant tech companies, most of which don’t even provide customized support.

AI Crypto gives developers and researchers the chance to utilize the basic AI resources at a fair price, thus contributing to the AI’s progress in general.

Developers can leverage AI Crypto’s resources for all kinds of use cases from voice recognition apps to image analysis programs. All they have to do is to pay a low fee that would eventually reach the AI Crypto’s members who provide their resources, whether it’s GPU or Data.

Given that AI Crypto provides a blockchain-based decentralized ecosystem, the ideal case is when AI developers use GPU and Data resources from the closest possible nodes. In this way, the communication inefficiency problem caused by decentralization will be fixed.

AI programmers can benefit from any types of datasets found in the AI Crypto Ecosystem. Some of the datasets will be available for free, however most of these will be offered for a fair price, which should compensate data providers.

Besides GPU and Data resources, AI developers will be able to use ready-made models, whether it’s about voice recognition or driverless cars.

Note that AI Crypto doesn’t have an ideal profile of its AI user — everyone is invited to benefit from affordable and quality AI resources. You can be an individual programmer who needs to create AI applications or configurations for your company, or you can represent a startup that relies on AI technology for particular products and services. As a user, it’s up to you how you plan to leverage the AI Crypto’s resources — our mission and priority is to connect you with resource providers and offer an intuitive and fast platform where you could easily organize, track, and manage your resources.

AI developers who choose to bet on the AI Crypto Ecosystem will enjoy low prices, a truly decentralized system that doesn’t waste the valuable resources, an intuitive platform, and great support from a talented team.

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