AI CRYPTO, listed on IDAX with Event Promotion

AI Crypto (AIC) is a team of AI experts and is currently developing a blockchain-based AI platform where anyone can devote to developing artificial intelligence.

AI CRYPTO opened DApp (Decentralized Application) for AI development for the first time to the world in October 2018, and is currently ongoing POC (Proof of Concept) with related large companies. After verifying new technologies with the large companies, the team is planning to provide commercial services in first half of next year.

AI CRTYPTO has developed a technology that can be used for artificial intelligence development by connecting large numbers of high-performance GPUs that Mining Pools possess.

Currently, the cost of using GPUs for Deep Learning is very high, while Mining Pool, which uses the same GPU, is very low. To add, the gap between the two prices is more than 50 times.

The model presented by AIC is supplying GPUs that does quicker and cheaper deep learning with better performance, while Miners receive higher revenue.

In recognition of its notable technology, AIC has partnered with Shinhan Data System and secured more than 20 companies related with AI, VR, and FinTech as its customers. The GPU service market is expected to grow to $2 billion in 2018 and $7 billion in 2023.

Meanwhile, AIC, a project involving more than 100,000 members and investors worldwide, will be listed on IDAX for the second time on 9th November, 2018 following BitForex last month.

There will be an event for celebrating listing on IDAX. If a user register on IDAX within the period (11th Nov – 25th Nov), 3,000AIC will be rewarded when the real name is certified. It will also hold an event to distribute a total of 5 million AICs to the top holders who purchase AICs from IDAX within the period.



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