Completed Incineration of AIC non-sale amount

The incineration of the AIC has been completed.

AI Crypto raised about 6,000 ETH through ICO and about 2.1 billion AIC out of 10 billion AICs was incinerated, resulting in a total distribution of about 7.7 billion AICs. About 800 million AIC out of total distribution were distributed to investors. Approximately 80 million AIC are Bounty/Airdrops, which have a total of 6 months of lock-up. (1st ICO bonus/bounty/airdrop: 50% off 2018-10-31; remaining 50% off 2019-01; 50% off ICO bonus/bounty/airdrop:

AI Crypto team has applied a total of two years of rock-up to the team’s volume to take responsibility for the project and proceed with further development and operation.  AI Crypto has introduced Dapp, the world’s first GPU distributed processing technology, on its website a technology that enables the mining pool to use its high-performance hardware for artificial intelligence development and rendering. We plan to stabilize our services through validation by the end of this year, and we are developing a platform in which AI resources will be distributed by the end of 2019 by adding features according to the roadmap.

We were able to come here because you agreed to the fair distribution of artificial intelligence resources and supported the project. We will strive to develop and operate AI Crypto until it becomes a major platform for the AI industry. Thank you.

The incineration details can be checked on Etherscan.


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