AI Crypto Introduces World’s First AI Dapp

As many media have covered, AI Crypto has released its own technology, Dapp. Following the roadmap, the MVP, scheduled for July 2018, was released in the form of a source code on the flag, and in October Dapp was released. Later this year, we will add capabilities for training artificial intelligence and data distribution developed through AI Deep Learning, and we will apply existing APIs such as PoV and Tensorflow to evaluate the value of resources provided in the first quarter of next year. In the second quarter of next year, the ability to distribute AI resources provided by participants will be added for verification.

The technology released this time is a service that can actually identify the technology that corresponds to distributed GPU usage among development resources. Until now, Mining Pool’s high-performance GPUs have been used only for the mining of crypto currencies. AI Crypto came up with the idea of ‘What if the computing resources of mining pools are used to develop artificial intelligence?’ The new AI Deep Learning enables developers who need a high-performance GPU to use high-performance computing resources within the AI Crypto network at a reasonable price. The following is a technical overview of the Dapp released.


Miners in Mining Pool are mining and deep learning is developers. When developers of the AIC network request to use deep learning, the GPUs in the mining pool are switched from mining to deep learning. Developers log in to the network with their linked cryptographic wallet to pay for the use of the GPU in the Mining Pool in AIC.

The description of the business model and outlook for which the technology is applied can be viewed through official video.

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