AI Crypto Launches Chinese and Russian Telegram Groups!

AI Crypto’s pre-sale event has recently closed earlier than initially expected due to strong interest from investors, and this is great news for both the team and the community. This demonstrates that the project is moving in the right direction and that we may build a decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem that would take down the current monopoly.

The AI Crypto team is actively working to get closer to the public, and it uses all the possible means, with the main focus on social media channels. Until recently, we had two Telegram groups, one in English and one in Korean, where people could join, discover our concept, and eventually contribute to our fast-growing community.

However, we were pleasantly surprised to see that a wide audience made of Chinese and Russian speakers showered interest in the project, which is why we decided to open two more Telegram chat-rooms in the respective languages.

If you speak Chinese, here is the link to our Chinese group. The admins are Jennie, Rita, and RJ. The Chinese group is growing fast and currently has more than 600 members. The community has already consolidated and is actively discussing different aspects of the AI Crypto project. As a potential investor, you will find this group very helpful, as you’ll discover more insights in your own language.

If you are Russian and speak the language, go to our AI Crypto’s Russian Telegram chatroom. This has been open since May 16, is run by Vickey, who untiringly welcomes every new guest. At the moment, the group has more than 80 members, fewer than the Chinese group, but we are still making the first steps towards the Russian community, and we’re sure that it will grow at a higher pace soon.

To those of you who can freely read this post, don’t hesitate to join our official Telegram group. Our community has almost reached 26,000 members. The chatroom is run by Heidi, SJ, and Jigel, who are always ready to answer any of your questions and support you with relevant information and tips.

Keeping close to the community is one of AI Crypto’s priorities, and we believe that Telegram fits our demand for a decentralized messenger service that is not controlled and tracked by any government or entity. This is a great place for community members to share their experience.

We invite everyone to join one of the groups and stay tuned for AI Crypto’s plans!

Don’t forget that our public ICO starts on May 30!

All-In Coins, AIC!

Join our Telegram group chat for more information.

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