AI Crypto Held Two Meetups This Month!

AI Crypto wants to increase awareness and get closer to the public. Being active on social media channels is undoubtedly important, but what about meeting face-to-face? We decided to give our community the chance to meet the AI Crypto team and get a glimpse from the inside.

Singapore Meetup

The first meetup was organized on Tuesday, May 1, at 7:00 PM (SGT/UTC+8), in Singapore, the fintech hub that also hosts the headquarters of our startup. Held at the OTC Café (inside the National Library Building on 100 Victoria Street), the atmosphere was pleasant and light. AI Crypto was delighted to meet open-minded people who are interested in blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).

The event was hosted by Jigel Park, who is Marketing Manager at AI Crypto. Jigel, who has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Mathematics and Statistics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), did a great job at presenting the key concepts behind the AI Crypto project. She responded to questions from attendees and revealed the future prospects of the AI Crypto ecosystem.

Jigel communicating with meetup participants.

At the end, Jigel organized a lottery in which eight lucky participants were randomly picked to receive a total of 0.1 ETH + 10,000 AIC. The winners will be emailed by the AI Crypto team soon to claim their prize.

The meetup was cheerful and received positive feedback from the participants.

Seoul Meetup

The second meeting, a more extensive one at this time, was held in Seoul, South Korea. The event took place on Tuesday, May 8, at 5:30 PM (SGT/UTC+8).

The attendees had the chance to see and listen to both of AI Crypto co-CEOs — Dr. Jaeho Seol and Sungjae Lee. They referred to the three key elements to be incorporated in the AI Crypto Ecosystem, which are GPUs, machine-learning models, and most importantly, the rightful distribution and exchange of Data. This ideal mix of resources should help the AI industry become more decentralized and fair.

AI Crypto’s CEO, Sungjae Lee, is talking about the AI Crypto project.
AI Crypto’s CEO, Dr. Jaeho Seol, is talking about AI Crypto’s Whitepaper.

The list of speakers included our notable advisor, Mr. Changi Park, Founder and CEO of GovernTech, Inc. Besides, he founded tech-oriented startups like Finger and Praxis. During his exceptional performance, Mr. Park spoke about the position and impact of the AI Crypto project in the AI and Blockchain Industry.

AI Crypto’s advisor, Mr. Changki Park, is talking about the dApps.

Closer to the end of the event, the team organized a Q&A round, answering all sorts of questions from the attendees. Also, 10 lottery winners were randomly chosen, receiving 2,000 AIC each.

AI Crypto Team members having a Q&A session.

The meetup was a big success and a great first-chapter to the Pre-Sale, which started on May 9.

Obviously, AI Crypto doesn’t stop here, so you will have the chance to attend more such meetups as the project grows. We think it’s important to stay connected with our community and keep on the same tune.

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