How to Join AI Crypto Pre-Sales and ICO Using MetaMask

Hello! In order for you to participate in our Pre-Sales and ICO, you should submit your private Ethereum ERC20 compatible wallet address on our Dashboard. We suggest you all inserting your own MyEtherWallet or MetaMask wallet address.

Please, refer to this link if you are going to use MyEtherWallet.

Here are the instructions on how to join our Pre-Sales and ICO in detail:

1. Accessing the MetaMask.

First, download the Chrome extension of the MetaMask. Once you have done this, click on the face of the fox symbol on the top right of your browser. Then, accept all Terms and Conditions.

2. Enter Information for All the Transactions

Please click “SEND” which says on the far right red box.

In the 1st blank box, insert the AI CRYPTO wallet address (which will say “AIC…WALLET ADDRESS” on your Dashboard) and send Ethereum (ETH).

To find the AI CRYPTO wallet address, please go to our official website and sign in. You will be able to see “AIC…WALLET ADDRESS,” on your Dashboard, which is shown in red border of the picture. The AI CRYPTO wallet address will be up at the beginning of the 1st Pre-Sale.

Please, make sure you have copied the wallet address properly. AI Crypto does not take any responsibility for inserting in the wrong address for transaction on your part.

In the 2nd box, enter the amount of Ethereum you want to send.

Please, refer to AI Crypto official website or use the “My AIC” automatic calculator for the exchange rate of ETH to AIC and vice versa.

Click the “NEXT” button if you have entered all of your information.

3. Sending

Please specify the amount of Gas you’re going to use.

Gas is the transaction fee when you make an Ethereum payment. Make sure to add plenty of Gas for the transaction to be successful. The appropriate amount of gas will depend on the current Ethereum network.

Click the “SUBMIT” button after you have checked all your details of your payment.

You’re all set!

If you have failed to make the transaction, please increase the amount of Gas and try again.

Thank you!

All-In Coins, AIC!

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