Blockchain Star Ismail Malik Joins AI Crypto Team

AI Crypto has formed a team of talents and experts in artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. The team is now proudly announcing the collaboration with blockchain star Ismail Malik, who is the founder and CEO of BlockchainLab and the Editor in Chief at ICO Crowds.

Ismail Malik will join the AI Crypto team as an advisor. He will become part of a group of other prominent names that currently consult the AI Crypto project. They are as follows:

  • Changki Park: Founder & Chairman at GovernTech, Inc; Founder of Paxnet;
  • Hankyul Park: Blockchain Entrepreneur;
  • Kyungchan Kim: CEO & Founder of Stealth Mode Startup Company;
  • Tiago Costa Alves: Vice President of Asia Pacific @ Aptoide/AppCoins
  • Raja Sharif: CEO at FarmaTrust;
  • Sunwook Kim: Lawyer in Haemaru Law Firm

As of today, Ismail Malik is ranked 86 of the top 100 most influential Blockchain people as reported by Rise Global.

Mr. Ismail, based in London, UK, has a degree in International relations from Birbeck University London, a degree in Commonwealth Networking from School of Advanced Study London, and also a degree from UCL Institute of Education.

He speaks six languages, including Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi.

Malik is currently known for his position as Founder and CEO of BlockchainLab, which is a startup that is focused on crypto development projects and placement of top developers for existing blockchain projects. BlockchainLab can provide management and training solutions for distributed & in-house cryptocurrency developer teams.

He is also Editor in Chief at ICO Crowds, which is the first publication focusing on initial coin offerings (ICO) market. ICO Crowd is an independent Internet and paper magazine that revolves around the ICO industry and covers various topics, which mostly touch upon the developments in this disruptive and trendy space of tokens, digital assets, and cryptocurrency.

Previously, Malik worked at Smartledger, a startup that develops blockchain-based smart contracts for Smart Cities, Director of SqFt Crowd, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Crypto Devs and General Secretary at Olympic Cricket Campaign. He is also co-founder of CoinViral.

Before entering the blockchain space, Ismail has held many positions in companies and institutions operating in finance, educations, and telecommunications sectors. He was previously Director of Space Management at College Space, Chief Learning Officer at College Corporation, Compliance Officer and Regulatory Relations (FSA) at Community Credit Union, Student Body President at Birkbeck, University of London, Dyslexic Students Chair at University of London, Emerging Financial Trends Researcher at World Finance Magazine, Retention and Partner Sales at Dial-a-Phone, Mobile Strategy Consultant at Group Mind, Retail Marketing Director at Realtime Communications, Director at Digital Data, Mobile Prepay Services Director at Eazitalk, and Coordinator at Micro Computer Public Domain Software Club.

The list of Malik’s activities and positions gathered for over 20 years is not even complete, which proves his unmatched experience in various fields, including blockchain. His knowledge and expertise will be an essential support for the AI Crypto project, which has big plans to transform the AI market.

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