AI Crypto Services and Use Cases

AI Crypto aims to create a blockchain-powered artificial intelligence (AI) platform that would let users around the world share their hardware and software resources to support AI researchers and developers to accelerate the AI adoption. The whole infrastructure of the new ecosystem is almost set, but what are the real-life applications of the AI technology? Who will benefit from AI Crypto’s effort? In the following lines, we’ll discuss a few use cases and niches where AI can be successfully implemented.

Before doing that, we’ll just quickly mention that AI is an emerging technology that implies computer-based intelligent machines that can operate and react like humans. The AI devices can analyze the environment and take independent action to achieve specific goals. The technology has already been applied by tech giants like Facebook, Google or Amazon.

AI has infinite potential, and the technology is already labeled as one of the most important innovations of the past few decades. Indeed, it’s not overrated at all — just check the following use cases and AI’s game-changing effect:

Voice Recognition/Synthesis

AI Crypto’s platform will boost the development of voice recognition tools. The service is about creating models for voice recognition based on deep-learning and voice synthesis technology. The AI Crypto Ecosystem will come up with a platform where sophisticated factors of voice recognition models will be elaborated by basic GUI tools that wouldn’t require anyone to be a programming expert.

AI Crypto’s platform will also offer items required for voice recognition and synthesis, helping users create and provide data while allowing other groups of users to create solutions based on the data by rewarding the providers accordingly.

The technology is quite relevant, as the experts anticipate that 50% of all online searches will be voice searches by 2020. By 2019, the voice recognition market might reach $601 million as reported by Technavio. Currently, there are over one billion voice searches each month.

The most popular voice search questions will start with Who, Why, When, How, What, and Where among others.

Dialogue Analysis

The dialogue analysis is an important application that will help AI Crypto members monitor the dialogues between users and consultants to check the quality of service. Dialogue analysis is based on natural language understanding, and it somehow relates to voice recognition.

AI Crypot’s dialogue analysis solutions can be used to create personalized suggestions and boost sales. Besides, the service can analyze emotions, intents, and speech contexts, making the AI agent become more efficient and specialized in various fields.

Image Analysis

Image analysis is another important application of artificial intelligence, and AI Crypto is doing its best to provide the necessary tools that ensure the development of this particular service. Image analysis will help the platform users achieve maximum performance when categorizing pictures or deal with facial recognition or fingerprint/iris recognition. Law enforcement agencies, detectives, and other social players will find these tools indispensable for their tasks. Fingerprint recognition is also penetrating the smartphone industry at an incredible pace.

Autonomous Vehicles

What seemed impossible a few years ago today becomes a reality — autonomous vehicles have been already tested in various circumstances, and most experts are positive about the results. However, we don’t have a full infrastructure that would permit the fast development of driverless cars. This service needs collecting and processing of big amounts of data, which requires a complex artificial neural network and an advanced computer. The AI Crypto Ecosystem provides users with the chance to develop AI models for driverless cars.

The Final Word

Artificial Intelligence can have a massive impact on any sector where it is implemented, as it can automate any process and eliminate human errors. The mentioned applications are the only use cases where AI can be successfully applied. AI Crypto Ecosystem will create the decent conditions for the AI adoption in various other use cases, such as emotional deep learning and financial investment among others.

AI Crypto represents a perfect symbiosis between two most innovative technologies — AI and blockchain. Everyone should keep an eye on this project.

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