AI Crypto’s Whitepaper One Page Summary

AI Blockchain for Decentralized Economy

Blockchain-Powered AI Ecosystem to Ensure the Rightful Use of GPU Power, AI Learning Data, and Machine-Learning Models

The artificial intelligence (AI) adoption on a global scale is dominated by big players of the market. Many talented AI Researchers cannot convert their ideas into reality because of the high price of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) devices, which are essential for the AI industry.

AI Crypto, a young and devoted team of AI and blockchain enthusiasts, presents a game-changing model of a blockchain-powered ecosystem revolving around artificial intelligence and machine learning. In the AI Crypto Ecosystem, the GPU power, quality data for AI learning, and machine-learning models can be shared and used in a fair way. Every network participant will be eligible to get rewarded with AIC tokens in exchange for sharing their relevant resources.

AI Crypto’s mission is to develop a network where value is shared in a righteous way and converted into real-world applications. We don’t agree with the current situation in which the value is generated via inefficient cryptocurrency mining, which requires a tremendous amount of electricity and computing power. We firmly believe that the wasted computing power that is thrown away for inefficient mining can be successfully redirected to AI applications via our platform.

We trust in serving the world by encouraging AI researchers.

AI Crypto Service Applications and Use Cases

  • Voice Recognition Synthesis: It can be integrated into smart devices to carry out commands and to complete specific tasks.
  • AI Dialogue Analysis: It can be used to survey customer contact qualities.
  • Emotional Deep Learning: It can be used by service providers to analyze customer satisfaction level.
  • Image Analysis: Law enforcement agencies can use it to easily recognize faces from CCTV cameras. Fingerprints and iris recognition can also be achieved.
  • Autonomous Vehicles: Driverless cars can be implemented for better driving courses.
  • Financial Investment: AI models can be used for market price analysis and risk management techniques.

AI Crypto Platform Structure

AI Crypto Roadmap

  • March 2018: Whitepaper Release
  • May 2018: Initial Coin Offering
  • December 2018: AI Crypto API/SDK Release
  • March 2019: AI Crypto Ecosystem API/SDK Release
  • April 2019: AI Crypto Ecosystem Beta Release
  • June 2019: AI Crypto Ecosystem Official Release

AI Crypto Ecosystem Advantages

  • Fair distribution of value by leveraging the Proof of Value consensus mechanism.
  • Application of blockchain technology to provide a disruptive effect of the AI adoption by ensuring transparency, decentralization, the immutability of operations, high security, and low costs.
  • Smart use of GPU power as opposed to inefficient cryptocurrency mining.
  • Promotion of responsibility and contributive spirit to overcome wild speculation.
  • A win-win situation for both the AI researchers and the resource providers (network participants).

All-In Coins, AIC!

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