AI Crypto’s Second Facebook Live!

Hello from the AI Crypto team! We just had a Facebook live if you didn’t know already. This time, our community manager Heidi had a short interview with our AI developer Dr. Doguk Kim, who goes by Kevin in our office.

Let’s take a look at the interview, shall we?

Heidi : Hello, this is Heidi again from AI Crypto. Welcome! So today, we have one of our developers, Kevin, with us here. And he is going to give you an update what he is up to, to make AI Crypto more accessible to its users.

To start off, Kevin, how are you?

Kevin : I’m fine, thank you.

Heidi : Great! So can you tell us a little bit more about what you do as a developer for AI Crypto?

Kevin : Hello, my name is Kevin, and I’m an AI/deep learning developer of AI Crypto. I’m currently developing AI for natural language processing, especially dialogue agent.

Heidi : Cool! So what do you think about AI Crypto in general?

Kevin : I think the AI Crypto Ecosystem is very promising because it will effectively distribute the data and GPU resources to users.

Heidi : Perfect. So this is a decentralized outlet. What do you think about the pros and cons of this project?

Kevin : The AI Crypto Ecosystem is decentralized, so users can get data and GPU resources conveniently compared to centralized systems.

Heidi : That’s very interesting. So what are your favorite features in our project?

Kevin : My favorite features are dialogue analysis and image analysis.

Heidi : Perfect. Why do you think this will be beneficial for our users?

Kevin : We have a lot of conversations and images in our daily lives, so we can get useful information through dialogue and image analysis.

Heidi : Okay. How do you think this will revolutionize AI industry in the future?

Kevin : In my opinion, we are the solution to help create and distribute data and models that have never done before. So, be a member of our AI Crypto society.

Heidi : Perfect. Just like what Kevin said, be a member of our AI Crypto society.

Could you show us a little bit about what you do?

Kevin : This code is about deep learning based dialogue analysis.

Heidi : Wow, lots of coding! Okay, so that’s it for you guys. Thank you for watching us and see you soon. Bye!

Hope you guys found this live video interesting as we had quite some fun doing it. We are planning to go live on a weekly basis with interviews and sneak peeks of the office. Stay tuned for more and don’t hesitate to give us feedback, thank you!

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