Sneak Peek Into AI Crypto Team Workshop

Hello, everyone! Today I want to share some inside news of the team. We recently had the AI Crypto Team Workshop.

The past few weeks have been quite a challenge for the AI Crypto Team. With new employees joining the team an opportunity to get to know each other was necessary, and the team was overwhelmed with the increase in workloads. So to refresh ourselves and promote teamwork, the team decided to have a workshop time.

Since many of us wanted to take a break from the office itself, we booked a room in Sinsa and hosted the workshop there. The workshop was held with some snacks and drinks.

First, the whole team had a discussion about the current situation of AI Crypto, things that the team achieved so far, and the roadmap and vision of the future. Also, each member had a short time to introduce oneself in order to get to know each other. And we had an open discussion about policies, good and bad, and requests.

The AI Crypto Team would try our best to make this project a success. Thank you!

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