One of AI Crypto’s Medium Post Made It to the Top 20 Most Popular on Medium Today!

Hello, everyone! A really good news today. One of our recent Medium post, ‘AI Crypto’s Official Website Renewed’ made it to the Top 20 Most Popular on Medium today!

For the past few days, AI Crypto gained so much attention and support, and the team is so grateful for that. Now we have more than 7,000 people in our Telegram group chat, 3,000 followers on Medium page, 3,000 likes on Facebook page and so more! And making it to the Top 20 Most Popular on Medium is just the icing on the cake.

The team was not expecting this much love and support in such a short time, so we were quite surprised. The explosion of interest was quite overwhelming, but the team strongly believe that it will all be worth it. Now we are trying our best to respond to every single comments and questions on various channels, but if we accidentally missed you, please understand with your big hearts.

All-In Coins, AIC!

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