[AI Crypto project progress] Signing MOU with AEMI

AI CRYPTO recently signed an MOU with AEMI SDN BHD, a Mining Pool located in Malaysia, developing AI Mining.


AEMI is a Mining Pool with over 50,000 mining hardware and has recently signed an MOU with Ai Crypto. In the ecosystem of AI Crypto, which distributes AI resources, MOU with a company that has high specifications hardware has important meaning in terms of technology development and generating market-value.

1)  Technology Development

In March 2016, there were 280 GPUs that were used for AlphaGo’s deep learning. AI Crypto, which is developing AI Mining for AI Deep Learning, has accelerated the development of related technologies by signing an MOU to use more than 50,000 hardware units owned by AEMI.

2)  Generating Market-Value

The MOU with AEMI is meaningful not only in terms of technology but also in generating market-value. This is because resources uploaded to AI Crypto are going through deep learning and forming blocks to activate the ecosystem by applying AI Crypto’s AI Mining to the pool.

AI Crypto is developing an ecosystem where AI resources are distributed fairly. A key feature of the AI Crypto system is the use of GPU, used for PoW, for AI mining (POC; Proof of Computing). This requires a number of nodes (node; GPU ; computational power), which has led to multiple nodes. This is expected to help initial user inflow. This technical MOU will help generate revenue across the ecosystem in the AI Crypto’s system where many of our computing capabilities are essential. It will be an AI Crypto that enhances AIC’s value in a viable platform.

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Official Homepage : https://aicrypto.ai/

WhitePaper : https://aicrypto.ai/AIC_WhitePaper_Eng.pdf

Github : https://github.com/AI-CRYPTO

Telegram : https://t.me/aicryptoai

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