AI Crypto First Meet-up Review

Hello, everyone! As some of you might know, AI Crypto had the first meet-up on March 20th, 2018. Although it is a little belated, I would like to share some photos and reviews from the event.

Blockchain Revolution Partners

  • Date : March 20th, 2018 (Tuesday)

The event was focused solely on ICO, but still various ICO companies with brilliant business ideas attended the meet-up. Some were totally different from our us, and some could make some great synergy with us. Each CEO explained their vision, project and goals on stage, and of course AI Crypto’s CEO, Sungjae Lee, did an awesome job delivering the concept of our project. After the speaking session, there was a networking time. There, Mr. Lee could find many people and companies that could form a good partnership with AI Crypto.

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