[Development Status According to Roadmap] AI Crypto’s MVP has been Released

AI Crypto’s MVP has been released!

MVP stands for Minimum Value Product.

MVP, which is being released to Github this time, is the core contract part to implement the Sapiens skeleton among the three stages of AI Crypto evolution (Sapiens-Creatura-Deus).

AI Crypto’s project combines the basic idea of a block-chain system with user intervention and compensation to artificial intelligence. AI Crypto is a convenient AI distribution platform that rewards participants who provide resources for artificial intelligence development. In this post, we will introduce the structure, development status, and development tasks of the AI Crypto platform that are more detailed than those mentioned in the white paper.

This diagram is a visualization of the structure in which the resource provider is compensated when the consumer pays the AIC to use the desired resource. This release of MVP is the core contract for implementing this process in Sapiens.

Sapiens Core Contract

–       Proof of ownership and purchase of ERC721 base

–       AI data structure modeling

–       Representation and management of AI Training Task

–       Evaluation Management and Distribution (PoV)

–       AIC Token (ERC20) distribution and compensation pool operation

In the decentralized application (DApp) where the above function is realized will be available. And such functions will be released in DApp sequentially

–  AI asset authentication, assignment, management

–   Discovery of nodes and payment of license fees

–   Periodic compensation distribution execution or direct withdrawal

–   Task Easy Builder

–   Distributing P2P files

–   Training distributed execution

–   Membership integration

–  Evaluation and Community Societies Integration

–  Market linkage

will be available. And such functions will be released in DApp sequentially

MVP: Sapiens Core Contract

–  Proof of ownership, purchase based on ERC721

–  AI data structure modeling

–  Representation and management of AI Training Task

–  Evaluation Management and Distribution (PoV)

–  AIC Token (ERC20) distribution and compensation pool operation


Sapiens Core Contract is designed to implement the following functions.

Registration and purchase

The resource provider

uploads AI-related resources such as datasets, models, etc. through the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and has assets with non-substitutable values based on ERC721. They can also register it in the market for the sale of the resource represented by ERC721.

* IPFS (Interplantic File System): Web protocol for decentralization of data. It is a P2P distributed file system that connects all computing devices to the same file system.


Buyers retrieve AI assets from the AI Explorer and transfer ownership of the AI assets from the market through the auction. If the resource generates revenue, the owner can be the beneficiary of the reward. The auction information such as sales amount, timing, and status is determined by the provider’s free will, and the ownership is kept in the contract and escrowed until the sale is established.

Training and Usage

AI Researchers

are able to combine various AI resources and create new tasks through the builders provided by AI Crypto’s platform. Once you have paid for the AIC and acquired ownership, you will be able to use this resource to run your work. Trained results are obtained by replicated training with the information of the resources that have been acquired. Training results can also be traded in the market because it is a sellable asset with unique value as an AI resource such as dataset and model.

In addition, the training results are provided to the consumer through the SDK in the form of a library, which brings economic value. This will encourage business people to participate in the production of various AI applications. Revenue for value will be included in the reimbursement of the distribution, thereby facilitating the circulation of AIC in the AI Crypto ecosystem.

Evaluation and Distribution

The AIC tokens accumulated in the token pool through training, AI mining, and AI library usage are distributed based on the contributor’s contribution. Distributions are only periodically distributed for the rewards that are ready for distribution, and upon completion, notify the Contributor through the registered Membership (Membership). Apart from this process, contributors can deduct the AIC for their compensation in advance.

AI Crypto Platform and the AI Crypto Society, consisting of researchers, developers and related start-ups in the field of deep learning and artificial intelligence, will regulate the rewards through a utilization evaluation system for AI resources.

This is the end of the posting about MVP!

Please find the published code source in the link below.

AI Crypto Github : https://github.com/AI-CRYPTO

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