Introducing Changki Park and Hankyul Park, AI Crypto’s Advisors

Hello everyone! Today’s post is about our two advisors. Changki Park, the founder and chairman at GovernTech, and Han Kyul Park, a renowned blockchain entrepreneur in Korea.

Introducing Changki Park

Changki Park founded Paxnet in 1999 and has been active in the field of finance and networking business ever since. And after blockchain and cryptocurrencies became a huge boom not only in Korea but also worldwide, he was the first one in Korea to take part in the industry. He also founded BlockchainOS, where invented the very first cryptocurrency in Korea, BOScoin. He is also the founder of Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association. He is now actively taking part in the Korean blockchain industry, trying to lead the blockchain revolution in Korea.

Introducing Hankyul Park

Hankyul Park is trying to build decentralized technologies in Korea. He acted as an advisor in LaLa World project, and he was also the COO of BOScoin. Prior to these activities, he was a developer in Finger Inc., developing online personal loans credit scoring system.

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