[AI Crypto A to Z] AI Crypto’s Outlook

The last topic is Easy Understanding of Whitepaper, ‘AI Crypto’s Outlook’.

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With the 4th Industrial Revolution approaching,

competition in development of technologies related to AI is heating up.

Some countries invest a lot of money to recruit developers.

The entire mankind needs AI. But if AI resources were to be concentrated on some,

the economy would be more polarized than it is .

“AI BlockChain for Decentralized Economy”

AI Crypto is a platform for anyone to access the resources of AI.

It’s a place where anyone can create a variety of services for everyone who needs AI.


What can be created using AIC resources

AI Crypto provides a platform to easily create services without having to learn programming language. This platform enables the development of a variety of services for which AI can be applied, including the following examples:

The use cases of the AI Crypto service can also be found at the link below.




2018.3. WHITE PAPER ver1.0 release

2018.5. pre-sale is completed successfully and handed over the cap!

2018.6. ICO main-sale is live

2018.12. Sapiens

             – Resource Provide

             – Resource Verification

             – Skeleton launch on Ethereum network

2019.6. Creatura

             – Advanced Machine Learning

             – Main-net launching or platform change

             – AI Society building

2019.12. Deus

             – Crux solving

             – AI Business invigoration

             – Completion of AI Society


Q1 What are the steps for participants to register and use a GPU?

This is the Creatura stage, which is scheduled for June 2019.

Q2 So what is that in December 2018?

Users will be able to use the initial product of the AI Crypto in Ethereum network.


The User of AI Crypto

AI resources have risk to be monopolized by small minority with large capital. If the resources needed for development were for large companies only, developing AI for small groups would be difficult. AI Crypto is a platform where start-up, researcher and developer can make AI services with reasonable price.


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The next posting is AI Crypto FAQ. This will be a summary from frequently asking questions.

Today’s ★AI Crypto A to Z★ Topic was ‘AI Crypto’s Outlook’

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  2. Brief Intro of AI CRYPTO WhitePaper for Easy Understanding

1) How did AI Crypto begin?

2) What is the AI Crypto Platform?

3) AI Crypto Token!

4) AI Crypto’s Outlook

  1.  FAQs



Official Homepage : https://aicrypto.ai/

WhitePaper : https://aicrypto.ai/AIC_WhitePaper_Eng.pdf

Telegram : https://t.me/aicryptoai

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