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Today’s topic of is ‘What is AI Crypto Platform?’

AIC Platform consists of Vessels, Skeleton, and Organism

AI Crypto Vessels: Resources-flowing

In the AI Crypto Vessels, resources which participants provide for AI development is flowing with AIC which participants got as their reward of contributing. The resources which will be transacted are

–   Hardware: GPU Network, Cloud Storage for saving data

–   Data: for developing AI and

–   Model.

Q1 What is GPU Network…?

It is sharing network system connecting participants’ hardware. GPU Network will be implemented, using a model mixed of grid computing systems and P2P networks where GPU and Data will be shared.

* Grid Computing: distributed computing model that shares multiple decides over the Internet, including computing power, data, and advanced experimental equipment.

* P2P(Peer-to-Peer): The direct connection between person and person to share files.

Q2 Wait a minute, then can I receive AIC as reward after my computer sharing?

Yes. In AI Crypto’s platform, the participants’ computer will be connected with sharing network and ①they provide the part of computing power and receive AIC which users paid as the fee. Plus, ②additional rewards will be added if the resource gets a high rating in the contribution assessment based on PoV(Proof of Value)


GPU provider Resource sharing – registering Registered resource consumed Receiving AIC Additional reward
Skeleton Resource allocating – calculating the fee Contributing Evaluation
GPU user Resource requesting – registering Paying AIC

Q3 How can I use the Data?

You need to pay AIC to use the data which was shared on AI Crypto’s platform. The paid AIC will be used as a reward for provider and a commission.

Q4 I think there can be uploaders who sell the paid data illegally.

To prevent this, the AI Crypto’s data is only available within the ecosystem.

Q5 If the data are provided in different types, is it difficult to use?

The shared data is processed and delivered for immediate use as input data for AI and machine running models. Unprocessed data will also be stored in a separate space. The data provided may be retreated and used if necessary.

Q6 Can you store that much data on the platform?

Because it is not currently possible to store all the data in the ecosystem of AI Crypto, the actual data is stored in Cloud Storage. Participants in the ecosystem can share storage resources and receive AIC.

* Cloud Storage: Internet-enabled storage devices

AI Crypto Skeleton: Resource Allocator, Contribution Rating System, AIC Payroll and Block Generator

AI Crypto Skeleton exists in distributed cloud system. It is consisted of Resource Allocator, Contribution Rating System, AIC Payroll and Block Generator. Resource allocating and rating process is implemented by smart contract based on ERC20.

–   Payroll: the distribution of profits

–   Allocation: calling each node on the network and allocating to the nearest user.

–   Rating: based on PoV(Proof of Value)

Monitoring node doing their job or not

Determining the value of the data provided and imposing penalties on the resources by malice

Rating tool of contribution to organism to provide additional AIC

–   Block Generator: making block in random node and Being verified by other nodes

AI Crypto Organism: AI component store for resource users

It is a platform for user who wants to use developed AI or data in the platform.

–   For easy development or AI services

–   For machine learning

Below is the example of AI use-case with our platform.

AI Crypto Organism’s ultimate goal is

to create a society where anyone who wants to be benefited from AI industry to be profited.

Anyone who wants to be benefited from AI Technology can be profited by the AI CRYPTO Ecosystem.

“AI BlockChain for Decentralized Economy”

This is the AI Crypto’s Architecture!

We are trying to make our ideas to be used in our reality.

Please look forward to AI Crypto in the future!

Today’s ★AI Crypto A to Z★ Topic was ‘How did AI Crypto begin?’

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  1.  FAQs

Official Homepage : https://aicrypto.ai/

WhitePaper : https://aicrypto.ai/AIC_WhitePaper_Eng.pdf

Telegram : https://t.me/aicryptoai

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