[AI Crypto A to Z] How did AI Crypto begin?

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You might read our slogan ABCDE,

AI BlockChain for Decentralized Economy”

on our Homepage or other media.

AI is acronym for Artificial Intelligence.

BlockChain is decentralized data recording technology, which makes data to be saved in block and

links that generates block to its former block, and duplicates those blocks and records in numerous computers.

AI Crypto’s Vision

Nowadays, AI research & development is centralized to major companies but,

We will make society where various AI resources are fairly provided and used in the future.

AI Crypto’s Project

Began for making our vision come true by combining blockchain technology.

Q1 So, is there any relationship with cryptocurrency?

AI Crypto’s ICO is selling AIC which is used on our ecosystem. Participants can buy AIC only by paying Ethereum now but, after launching AI Crypto’s ecosystem they can earn AIC in other various methods.

Q2 Is that Mining that we can earn AIC?

  1. AIC is issued in Proof of Value(PoV) mechanism and used as a reward, not as Mining (Proof of Work; PoW).

Current cryptocurrency is issued in PoV mechanism but there are limits to maintaining the value of currency.

Q3 Why?

Let me sum up the process of mining.

1) Work to save transaction record, encrypt it and connect to existing blockchains.

2) Proof the work completed.

Like that, the mining process is to receive a coin as compensation for work of creating and connecting blocks.

For those involved in mining to be rewarded, the value of Nonce which is separating the existing block and new blocks is calculated. This process consumes a lot of computing power and electricity but they mine because the value of the issued currency is larger compared to the resources that are consumed.

But, what if the cryptocurrency isn’t worth anymore?

In the case of Bitcoin, there exists limit in the amount to be issued. So the amount of currency issued is getting smaller and bigger computing power is required. In addition, new currencies are not issued after the volume of the amount has been supplied. Then, participants will consume computing power and electricity to generate block and verify transaction to receive only transaction fee. This structure will not be maintained until this fee is bigger than the consumed resources.

Anyway, massive computing power is used for just mining in current cryptocurrency transaction structure.

However, AI development, such as deep Learning and machine learning, also requires a significant amount of power and computing.


What if

the Computing power is used for developing AI which contributes to mankind?

And What if the Data needed to develop AI are distributed reasonably to meet diverse demands?

And the participants could easily get the resources to enhance their developed AI model?

“AI BlockChain for Decentralized Economy”

The vision of AI CRYPTO, is going to be active in reality!

AI Crypto’s project began with this vision and now, we are developing platform which makes

  1. Rightful use of hardware resources
  2. Fair transaction of Machine Learning Data
  3. Free and active transaction of Developed Model AI research.

Today’s ★AI Crypto A to Z★ Topic was ‘How did AI Crypto begin?’

  1. AI Crypto Analysis
  2. Easy to see AI Crypto WhitePaper

1) How did AI Crypto begin?

2) What is the AI Crypto Platform?

3) AI Crypto Token!

4) AI Crypto’s Outlook

  1.  FAQs

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Official Homepage : https://aicrypto.ai/

WhitePaper : https://aicrypto.ai/AIC_WhitePaper_Kor.pdf

Telegram : https://t.me/aicryptoai


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