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Let me sum up AI Crypto project:

‘Blockchain Platform, providing Resources for AI development and being rewarded fairly’

l  Resources for AI development

For AI development, there needs to be computing power, a machine learning program and data but these resources are expensive. Therefor, big companies that can afford to pay the expense have a monopoly on the resources.

l  Providing Resources and being rewarded fairly

Every participant who take part in AI Crypto’s ecosystem provides their own resources and uses the resources on our platform. AIC is the rewarding method in our ecosystem.

l  Blockchain Platform,

In AI Crypto’s platform, who provided what resources and how much and how did you get paid for it are recorded on blockchain when the participants develop AI. The record make the resources to be distributed fairly and to provide high quality resources.

We’re a team doing thisJ

And to develop this platform, we have a planning phase!

The planning phase is ROADMAP

2018.3. WHITE PAPER ver1.0 release

2018.5. pre-sale is completed successfully and handed over the cap!

2018.6. ICO main-sale is live

2018.12. Sapiens

             – Resource Provide

             – Resource Verification

             – Skeleton launch on Ethereum network

2019.6. Creatura

             – Advanced Machine Learning

             – Main-net launching or platform change

             – AI Society building

2019.12. Deus

             – Crux solving

             – AI Business invigoration

             – Completion of AI Society

And there we have it, I summed up AI Crypto’s project!

Wasn’t that interesting?

Every time we went overseas for our road shows, everyone was impressed with our ideas.

We’ve gotten great ratings!

ICO marks 9.6/10.0 : https://icomarks.com/ico/ai-crypto

Coin Delite 4.8/5.0 : https://coindelite.com/ico-details-ai-crypto

Wiser ICO 4.6/5.0 : https://wiserico.com/ico/ai-crypto

ICO bazaar AA : https://icobazaar.com/v2/ai_crypto

ICO bench 4.4/5.0 : https://icobench.com/ico/ai-crypto

ICO EATING High : https://icorating.com/ico/ai-crypto-aic/

This is our ICO information

for AI Crypto for everyone who would like to participate in this project too!!!

Before launching platform, selling AIC which is used on AI Crypto platform

Is the ICO(Initial Coin Offering)!!!

Main-sale : 2018-06-04(12:00 SGT/UTC +8) ~ 07-30(23:59 SGT/UTC +8)

Hardcap : 30,000 ETH

Price : 1ETH =100,000 AIC

Minimum Investment : 0.1 ETH

If you want to participate our ICO, please log onto the homepage right now^*^!

Official Homepage : https://aicrypto.ai/

WhitePaper : https://aicrypto.ai/AIC_WhitePaper_Kor.pdf

Telegram : https://t.me/aicryptoai

Today’s AI Crypto A to Z topic is ‘AI Crypto’ Analysis

  1. AI Crypto Analysis
  2. Easy to see AI Crypto WhitePaper

1) How did AI Crypto begin?

2) What is the AI Crypto Platform?

3) AI Crypto Token!

4) AI Crypto’s Outlook

  1.  FAQs

From the next posting, the easy to see AI Crypto WhitePaper begins!


I read the WhitePaper but I didn’t understand what it say… (I did too.)

But! Don’t worry! The easy version will be uploaded soon😉💗

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