AI Crypto Cuts the Hardcap Figure

We have some important news for AI Crypto investors. Previously, the team had decided that a hardcap of 50,000 ETH would be needed for the development of the ecosystem with all its components. However, considering the current market situation, the hardcap figure was reduced to 30,000 ETH, and the rest of the tokens will be burned.

The initial coin offering is currently live, with 3 billion AIC tokens for sale at a price of 100,000 AIC coins per 1 Ether. There were generated 10 billion AIC tokens, out of which 30% were allocated for the ICO. The rest of the coins were reserved for early investors and team, advisors and partners, marketing campaigns, company needs, and additional issues.

The project is in progress according to the roadmap. The only significant change that recently occurred is the reduction of the hardcap from 50,000 ETH to 30,000 ETH as it was decided that the previous figure was too high. Investors should not worry about the impact of the rest of the 20,000 coins, as they will be burned and won’t reach the market anytime later to dilute the price. On the contrary, investors should rest sure that their coins will become more valuable.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the softcap of 3,000 ETH has already been reached.


Additional AIC Issuance

Another important topic we want to discuss refers to AI Crypto plans for additional AIC issuance. Under the project plan, AIC coins will be used when new blocks are generated, and transactions are verified within the system based on the Proof of Value (PoV) principles. The transaction records are checked by an anonymous node in the Skeleton, the cloud-based layer of the ecosystem. When the AI resources are applied in a righteous manner, additional AIC coins are issued, which are meant to reward the realization of value produced via the fair use of shared resources.

The issuance of new AIC coins will rely on the number of retired coins after the token sale event. The amounts of additional coins issued will depend on the Sigmoid Function, limited with the total capitalization of the issuance. Also, it can be adapted to the vitalization of the ecosystem while the scale can be changed in accordance with AI Crypto members’ decision.

The additional issue scale of AIC coins will rely on the following logistic form:

In which x refers to the total issued and circulated coins in the ecosystem.

AI CRYPTO will reward you with great results.

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