AI Crypto Establishes New Relationships During Roadshow

AI Crypto carries on with its roadshow, making strategic relationships with potential investors and entities operating in the artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain space. Recently, our representative presented the company on two events of great importance – the Blockchain Conference held in Russia’s Federation Council in Moscow and Blockchain International Show in London.

Blockchain Conference in Moscow

On June 7, Moscow hosted on the of the most important blockchain events. It touched upon topics like Russia’s digital economy potential and blockchain in the context of government. AI Crypto was also present at the conference, especially because we have a Russian speaking community with which we interact through Telegram.

The event was visited by representatives of several embassies in Russia, such as embassies of South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Israel, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Malta, and Malaysia among others. This was a unique opportunity for the countries to establish relationships, common projects and legal approaches in terms of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and cryptocurrencies.

Besides ambassadors and embassy representatives, the event was attended by entities from the business sector.

Rakjae Choi, the head of AI Crypto’s Global Sales, performed as one of the key speakers, presenting the concept and model of our company. Choi met Canadian investors and made relationships with investors from Hong Kong and Korea.

AI Crypto was presented as one of the partners of the event, along with other blockchain startups and organizations.

Blockchain International Show

On June 6, a two-day event started in London, which gathered executives that represent well-established blockchain startups and crypto firms. The Blockchain International Show was attended by over 500 individuals.  

Our Marketing Manager Jigel Park met Ismail Mailik, one of AI Crypto’s key advisers. Ismail kindly recorded Park’s presentation. He also acted as a speaker on the second day of the conference, with a presentation titled “ICO Token Economy is the price.”

AI Crypto has made several valuable connections with business people and investors. Several venture capital firms and professional advisors showed interest in our project.

Besides the conference, the attendees could visit a blockchain-oriented exhibition, where startups presented their latest products and concepts.

At its nascent stage of development, AI Crypto finds it essential to increase awareness about the ecosystem and establish new relationships. Follow our medium channels to be informed about our next events!

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