AI Crypto Releases MVP Version of AI Crypto Ecosystem

We are proud to announce that AI Crypto, the game-changing project that combines the artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies, released its minimum value product (MVP) version of its platform. Thus, we’re making concrete steps towards decentralizing the AI space, making it more available to the general public.

The test version of our product will be fully operational, and we will invite our community members to come with relevant feedback. We will consider our users’ response and preferences during the process, which will allow us to shape our platform and ecosystem.

Our MVP version allows the community members to contribute with their relevant resources, such as GPU power, data or models, in exchange for AIC Coins, which is the token that fuels the whole ecosystem. On the other hand, developers can leverage these resources and create AI configurations and applications.

The current MVP revolves around the platform model presented in the whitepaper.

The users can share their GPU power and data via the AI Crypto Vessels layer, getting rewarded in AIC Coins based on the Coin Payroll System that is hosted in the AI Crypto Skeleton layer. The Payroll has an allocation interface which ensures the AIC token connection.

The AI resources offered by members in AI Crypto Vessels will move through the second layer – the AI Crypto Skeleton to support the entire ecosystem. You can think about AI Crypto Vessels components as more physical and concrete elements, while AI Crypto Skeleton components are hosted in the cloud. The second layer is made up of the Resource Allocator, which ensures the fair distribution of resources from the first layer, and the Contribution Rating System, which assesses the resources and rates them accordingly.

In the third layer, known as AI Crypto Organism, developers will be able to use the existent resources to create new applications and AI elements. This is where one can build decentralized apps for various use cases.

The AI Crypto Ecosystem aims to create a medium where users can share their GPUs and data in a smart way rather than just waste these.

Speaking of data, the platform has its own approach to assess and valuate it based on relevance. Data Definition will rely on the ERC721 standard, which derives from Ethereum Request for Comments 721. This standard is different from the popular ERC20, the one that underpins AIC Coin, as the ERC721 tokens are non-fungible, suggesting that they cannot be exchanged in a regular way as common tokens are traded on crypto exchanges. For example, Ethereum-based game CryptoKitties uses the standard for its collectibles. AI Crypto will also adopt ERC721 to better manage and classify data provided by users.   

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